An Insane Idea Articulated by an Idiot

August 5, 2011

Despite like a hundred technological boners occurring to me this week (box-fresh scanner not working, flatmate inexplicably cancelling WiFi service, me dropping my phone in some yoghurt, electric toothbrush now just a chunky and awkward manual toothbrush), I have managed, somehow, to update. I did quite a lot in Photoshop w/ the below, processed as it was from a couple of in-a-pinch hi-res photographs I took, and there are a heck load of useful tips over on Dharbin’s blog. I will not be posting a process tutorial of my own, no, because my methods are just completely chaotic. RELATED, and also cool on the Internet this week: James Turner’s How To Make A Comic is excellent and accurate.

Okay well I am in a Starbucks w/ unnecessarily loud ice-crushing machines and sixth form girls talking about boys and so shall stop babbling, now. Let me know if you can ever look at a Supermarket Self-Service Machine the same way after this: